Why are you afraid of the truth?

It’s a question I asked mysel lately. Is it because it’s too painful to take in that you have been fooled for years? Is it more comfortable to stick to your story about the world than to question your beliefs? Why?

Truth has become a thing to be censored, supressed and deleted to the point where it seems to be nonexistent. I can understand that people who have done the dirty deeds for ages want that, but you, the average person? Why are you fiercely defending the lies, the blatant lies at that?

It’s beyond me. “They wouldn’t do that!” They, as in governments all over the world, they as in the pharmaceutical industry, they as in education planners, they as in food producers….They would, and they have!

Isn’t it worse to continue to be brainwashed by evil people than to investigate if this is so? Don’t you want your life to matter – at least more so than a mindless drone of whom it can only be said on his/her death bed “he/she obeyed no matter what”. Nothing to prove that there was actually an individual soul living, a unique expression of independent thinking, a creative spark?

The truth is something that resonates withint us, it feels right, uncomfortable at times, absolutely, but that’s only because we’ve “wanted” to believe the lies for so long. The truth is just what it is. You can be upset about it or you can cherish those that unveil it, expose it and let’s you know.

Yes the “truth” can be very subjective, but the truth, cannot. Truth is what it is. It’s not an opinion.

Opinions, propaganda, lies, scewed “truths” as in “news” – those are the things you should be wary of.

Journalistik? Vad hände?

“Journalistik kallas den framställning, insamling, urval och bearbetning av innehåll som präglas av rapportering från verkliga, och ofta aktuella, händelser, nyheter.Wikipedia (SV)”

Jag är ganska säker på att nyckeln till den absoluta brist på journalistik vi ser idag är “urval”. Jag vill inte ens kalla det som rapporteras om i massmedia som journalistik. Detta “urval” som samtliga journalister tycks vara helt eniga om, är enbart en bråkdel av den information som finns tillgänglig. Den del som används för att skapa sensationer, snedvrida verkligheten och chockera. Urval, i min värld har en hel del att göra med “omdöme” och det saknas i princip helt.

En helt ryggradslös yrkeskår som likt papegojor tävlar om att beskriva en bråkdel av informationsflödet i så sensationella ordalag som möjligt är inte journalistik. Har inga journalister självrespekt, integritet eller yrkesstolthet längre?

För att ytterligare säkerställa att den här gruppen enligt min mening, inkompetenta och integritetslösa bandspelare ska åtlydas och respekteras som “den enda sanningen” har vi nu dessutom “faktagranskare” som helt enkelt censurerar eller avlägsnar all annan information från sociala media. Tryckfriheten lyser med sin frånvaro eftersom de som har makten uppenbarligen ser oss alla i befolkningen som alldeles för korkade för att själva avgöra vad vi vill basera vår verklighet på.

Antingen håller man tyst och lyder – eller så blir man bannlyst, förlöjligad eller, som sagt censurerad.

En gång i tiden fanns det journalister som faktiskt gjorde samhället en tjänst, en utdöd yrkeskår som många av oss saknar. En gång i tiden fanns det journalister som förtjänade respekt, för sin spårhundslika envishet att ta fram fakta som makten eller bara ett fåtal mäktiga, gjorde sitt bästa för att dölja.

Idag är journalister likställda med sensationslystna “skvallerkärringar” som skiter i detaljer, som faktiskt egentligen skiter helt i sanningshalten i det de berättar eftersom de är alldeles för lata för att ta reda på vad som verkligen händer.

Det är därför så många av oss inte bara rekommenderar allmänheten att stänga av massmedias bulletiner och själva göra efterforskningar. Den urlakning av intelligens och självständigt tänkande som media gjort sig skyldiga till är en katastrof. En befolkning som inte längre är kapabla att tänka själva, som inte har något omdöme, som tillåter mediejättar med helt andra motiv än att upplysa befolkningen att diktera hur vi ska leva våra liv är inte stort mer än programmerbara robotar. Goda soldater som lyder order även om det innebär att marschera rakt ner i avgrunden.

Sluta prenumerera på digitalversionerna, stäng av TV:n, köp inte lösnummer av någon enda tidning på minst en månad – de är – vad du än vill tro – inte mer journalistiskt pålitliga än Hänt i Veckan. Visa att du inte vill bli uppfostrad av ett gäng ja-sägare – utan vår medverkan kan de inte fortsätta!



FEAR is the new religion – and you had better convert!

“Thou shall not have any other gods than FEAR…”.or so you would think when observing what goes on in the news and social media. This is the only religion and the only God accepted from now on. Forget about religions sprung out of love for your fellow man, nature and life – FEAR is so much more efficient in transforming just about everybody into religious fanatics.

Even people you for sure know has never had an religious inclinations are now worshipping fear with a zealousness I’m sure even they themselves didn’t know they possessed. They have become preachers, missionairies and dooms day predictors. They adhere to this “new” god’s warnings, even though they are so contradictory at times it’s like following a madman’s advice.

Fear is intoxicating and can actually be quite addictive and it feels so real when we feel that stab in the pit of our stomachs. It’s like watching one of those “binge watch” series on Netflix – just when you thought you could take a breath and things were going to, finally, be OK, the next disaster strikes. And still – quite a few don’t realize that they are in fact being played like that, big time.

Fear has always been a part of religion, but it’s never been the actual god, until now. “Kneel down, bow down, cover your face, stay inside, don’t congreate, don’t socialize, get tested,  etc etc” OR ELSE!!!

People are so scared they don’t even take the time to make sure if this new god – FEAR – is actually real or if maybe he/she/they/it is in fact just a small, pathetic being, or group of beings, standing behind a curtain of smoke screens using illusions to puppeteer the popuation – like the wizard of Oz.

I hope YOU are smarter than that. I hope you find all these decrees of the new god so insanely and blatantly stupid that you refrain from becoming a mindless follower of a cult leader who’s only intention is to drag you down into a bottomless pit of quicksand.

Some though, will not even realize they have been manipulated into becoming religious fanatics, you know those who blindly obey, without questioning, who only and exclusively will take the advice of the assigned true missionairies – the Main Stream Media, so called “Authorities” and politicians. Those that may have some small doubts about the whole production, but who comfort themselves and justifies their stance by thinking “THEY” (as in politicians, governments, the media, the “experts”) wouldn’t do that!

But YOU are different aren’t you?



Have you ever had a nightmare?

If yes, what happened after you woke up? Did you turn on the lights, did you check the closet, under the bed, even go through your home and have a look everywhere to make sure no intruders or “monsters” were hiding in the dark? Or did you spend the rest of that night shivering with fear, in your bed with the covers up over your head hoping you’d survive the night until morning broke?

Well, watching the world it’s obvious to see who would turn on the light and who would rather tremble. However the morning has broken, the light is here, and what baffles me are that so many still stick to the bed, with covers pulled up refusing to even acknowledge that now in bright daylight, it’s obvious that no monster is lurking under the bed.

No matter how long you stay in your bed, vehemently claiming that the monster is so there, maybe even after a crew has been brought in to actualy lift the bed out of your room (with you in it)in order to calm you down and make you see what’s real and what’s not, you STILL will not get out of your bed since for all you know – the monster might have slipped out with the bed. No amount of common sense, no amount of reassurances will ever make you leave your bed.

Well, that’s your prerogative of course. But is it really the way you want to spend your life? Instead of being grateful for the assistance of people turning the light on, showing you in no uncertain terms that there is no monster, you attack those trying to help and claim that they are putting your life at risk!

Sounds crazy doesn’t it and still this is what is happening all over the world. People who war against each other, who police each other, who shame each other, who are so caught up in their emotional prison they will not even stop to see what is what. And this is exactly the result that is hoped for by those who have absolutely no interest in your wellfare.

To keep us busy fighting each other over fictional issues, ensuring that we are ripe for the “conquering”. Divide and conquer at it’s worst. And while you spend your energy on hating people who don’t wear masks, who question the narrative, who do their own research, who expose the lies, you are in fact making things worse, rather than better.

As in the analogy of a nightmare, you know that the quickest remedy for that kind of fear is to turn on the lights and make sure, for yourself, that though the fear felt real enough, it was based on nothing more than a dream. It does take a tiny bit of courage to turn on the lights, to have a look under the bed, but it will ensure you peace of mind and a good night’s rest.

Turn on the lights, do your own research, question your beliefs and most of all question the embarrasingly obvious propaganda that the main stream “news” stations, papers and “reporters” are presenting.

Morning has broken.

Further news that support the NO VIRUS claims

In Sweden today the following news clip was published:


A coroner in Lund, Sweden, Elisabet Englund, says, after performing several autopsies on deceased corona patients: (my translation)

“We cannot find any trace of a virus infection. We can find a number of comorbidities. We believe this is a cytokine storm.”

This confirms what Dr Judy Mikovitz has said all along, and repeatedly, and who’s videos and posts have been deleted by “fact checkers” and YouTube censorship. This confirms that these social media platforms are in fact censoring the truth which should make anyone with even a trace of a functioning brain cell to react.

That there is no virus and that this whole theater of corona, or covid-19, is about something entirely different is becoming clearer and clearer. As Dr Andrew Kaufman, Dr Rashid Buttar and many others have said througout these months, this has nothing to do with a “contagious virus” but with a poisoning of our cells that causes a cytokine storm. The question we all need to ask ourselves is WHY have the mains stream media, the social media platforms and our politicians lied to us?

Some say it’s Mark Twain who coined this, but whoever it was, it’s very true:

“It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”


Do you REALLY believe in this covid horror story?

You have to ask yourself if you truly believe all the horrific “news” that is constantly making new headlines in the main stream media. Because if you do, your life needs to change – drastically.

Not only can you no longer kiss and hug your children and family, but there’s a huge risk that you will get the “covid” just by breathing or eating. Have you been eating anything from a store, that you haven’t “sanitised” or washed thouroughly in soap and water – well – then you’re screwed. Have you taken a walk, or just maybe walked to the store to by some supplies without wearing a mask – well – then you’re screwed. WHO and the rest of their minions have now told you that you can get the covid no matter what you do really and if you have been throrough in your main stream media research – you know by now, that any symptom – from cough and fever, to blisters on your feet, sensations of various kinds, even a broken leg – IS covid

In order to have any kind of chance to avoid being contaminated by this vicious and obviously highly intelligent virus (which can attack you if you hug a friend, but will let you be if you join Black Lives Matter) you have to keep your distance from your family, from people on the street, wear a mask, whether there are people around or not, wash everything in sanitizers, NEVER touch cash and to make sure – not to eat anything that you haven’t yourself grown, sanitized and preferrably boiled into mush.

Furthermore the WHO and associates, tell you that even if you feel fit as a fiddle, have no symptoms whatsoever you are most likely infected anyway! Even if you can actually see with your own eyes that people are not falling down dead around you, which they most certainly would should this story be true, you are NEVER safe from this virus – which by the way has not been isolated and even proven to exist!

You are encouraged to report, via Facebook, on your movements (or you’ve simply not disnegaged the app in your phone which traces your movements) in order to “help researchers/scientists to predict places with a substantial spread of the virus”. This is what showed up on my FB:

“Paula, hjälp forskare att förutspå platser med stor spridning av covid-19”

Eehhh? Predict? Scientists?

If you truly believe this narrative, you know you don’t really stand a chance. Better just give up and never live any kind of life again – just to be safe.

BUT, if you only choose to believe some of it – that is you actually do disregard some of these “reports” and choose to not follow or fear every single warning – or you sense even the tinest of doubts – CONGRATULATIONS! Never before has the saying “the truth shall set you free” been more relevant.


De har gått från “dött med covid” till “nya fall”

Har ni märkt att rapporterna om dödsfall nu har ersatts med “nya fall”? Det kan bero på att det nu från flera håll har visat sig att dödstalen sjunker, precis som de brukar göra under vår och sommar. “Nya fall” är rapporteringar om de här testerna som görs, och “nya fall” betyder inte att människor är sjuka, utan att de är tvivelaktiga testerna kommer tillbaka “positiva”.

Men effekten av den här typen av rapportering kvarstår. Många blir rädda och ser “nya fall” som dödssjuka människor som kämpar för livet. Det är dock inte sant. Ett “positivt” test är i princip vetenskapligt meningslöst. De kunde lika gärna “testa” om människor har blod i kroppen, vilket inte heller säger något om eventuellt hälsotillstånd. Som Dr Tim O’Shea skriver:

“Now for the bad news. What is the test they claim to use to identify this new bug in a patient? The test is called PCR. This is the classic polymerase chain reaction test, invented in the 80s by Dr Kary Mullis. In 40 years doctors have never come up with any test more accurate than this very flawed, theoretical estimate of microbial activity.

  • The test produces loads of false positives, often failing to measure anything at all.
  • No one is more critical of the test’s reliability than the inventor himself.
  • Dr Kary Mullis, who won the Nobel prize for inventing PCR to detect HIV, [9] explains its limitations—why the PCR is not especially diagnostic, for HIV or for anything else:

“Quantitative PCR is an oxymoron. PCR is intended to identify substances qualitatively, but by its very nature is unsuited for estimating numbers. Although there is a common misimpression that the viral-load tests actually count the number of viruses in the blood, these tests cannot detect free, infectious viruses at all; they can only detect proteins that are believed, in some cases wrongly, to be unique to HIV.

“The tests can detect genetic sequences of viruses, but not viruses themselves.” [9]”

Länk: https://ttfuture.org/blog/michael/why-coronavirus-will-soon-vanish-overnight.

Låt inte retorik och illvillig propaganda styra dina reaktioner och öka din stress och rädsla. Läkare världen över – det vill säga läkare som INTE sitter i fickorna på läkemedelsindustrin utan faktiskt lever efter läkarkoden – säger samma sak.

Det vi ser och har sett sedan januari i år är helt enkelt inte sant, det har aldrig handlat om vår hälsa och vårt välbefinnande, utan har hela tiden handlat om kontroll och en utvärdering om hur lättledda, lättskrämda och lättkontrollerade vi är. Masker, social isolering, etc har inga hälsoeffekter. Kontrollera all information som sprids innan du tror på den – även det här blogginlägget.

Too weak to be good?

Many believe that those that are cruel, aggressive and well, bullies, are the strong ones. I beg to differ. Those are the weak ones.

To be weak is to bow down to fear, to acquiesce, unquestioningly because it is too frightening to stand up and question. To be “good” as opposed to “bad” in this context, means to vigilantly stand up for what is right, true and beneficial for yourself, your family and humanity at large. To allow the weakness to rule is to obey whoever is in power, which in this specific time, (still) is the main stream media even if it makes you feel frustrated, angry, fearful and makes you clench your fist several times a day. Being weak is to ignore all those signals from your inner knowing and allowing someone or something, to rule your actions and even your beliefs, because it’s “easier”.

Being too weak to be good is consenting to the notion that we, as individuals, have no power. This is simply not true. We, you, have more power than you can even imagine. To refrain from listening to the noise outside and instead go inside and listen to what your gut, soul or true self is saying, is what makes you realize or experience this power. To be at one with oneself, ie to not feel conflicted inside, is a state where you can achieve miracles.

The divide and conquer works in the macro as well as in the micro. If you are divided inside, if you go against your own truth, your own sense of what is right and good, you will be weakened. The strength that comes with being in coherence, feeling calm and assured, is on the other hand quite magnificent.

Anyone who wants to assert their power over you, will do their utmost to convince you that you are weak. That you’re helpless, powerless and that there’s no point in even believing otherwise. This in and of itself, is the proof that you are under attack from someone or something that does not have your best interest at heart. When you begin to notice this, as a sure warning signal  instead of as a cue to take cover, and use it to immediately question and check in with your self instead, refusing to give your power away to that huffing and puffing paper dragon, you instantly make it obsolete.

To be good, in times like these, takes courage, takes stamina, takes inner power and integrity more than anything else. These things you can rely on, they will not fail you.

If you feel weakened by the ongoing war on conscioence, or mind control, shake it off! Understand that you have, voluntarily or involuntarily, been manipulated and coerced by fear mongering and this can be changed in an instant. There are other means and sources of information than the main stream news and the main stream politics that will help you see clearly, somewhat like pulling your head out of the clouds and be met by clear skies, finally.

It may shock you at first, to see the depth of the delusion, but wow, the fresh air, the clarity and the relief of exposing the lies and the deception, will make you feel born again!  This is the time to take your power back, for you, for your children and grandchildren and the future of humanity as a whole.

If you need facts DO NOT google it!

Do you still believe that Google is a “neutral” search engine? Think again. Yes, most of us have used the term “google it” as if that was the way to find information. But Google is not a search engine at all. Google acts as a bad parent – sivving and hiding information, that does not suit the main propaganda or narrative. You can easily check this out for yourself if you haven’t already.

Google is picking and choosing the information that you are supposed to see. Any information, facts or actual truths that by definition goes against the narrative are placed wayyyyyyy behind the acquiesing stories counting on the fact that most people will not even look beyond the first three suggested posts. I am sure none of us “ordinary” people have asked, or given Google permission to decide which info we can access and which info they see fit to hide or plainly delete from our sight.

This severely skewed version of a “search engine” that takes upon itself to tailor the information on the internet to suit it’s own agenda has played out it’s role, at least for those of us awake enough to see what is happening.

However main stream media and it’s “fact checkers” obey Google which is why you never get any information of value from them.

It’s time to wake up people! It’s long overdue.

Either you continue to be lulled (bullied) into ignorance and hazardous advice by google – or you get your head together and start finding information thru other venues. I use Duckduckgo.com myself and I am sure there are quite a few others that work as well. Anything but Google or associations to google, are preferrable.

Don’t waste your time being upset over the fact that we, ourselves, have allowed this cancerous technology to invade our privacy and that we have granted google the rights to mislead, misinform and manipulate us. Use your time and power to prepare, get the fog out of your mind and use your god-given discernment from now on.

This blow to our trusting natures will not be the most shocking news we will hear this year. Mark my words.

Once upon a time there was a corona virus – or was it?

I just listened to David Martin, a brilliant man who debunks the covid hoax very eloquently, see here.

From the get go I could feel in my gut and soul that this pandemic scare was not what it was presented to be. The depth of human gullibility, obedience and acquiescence actually boggled my mind and frightened me way more than the reports on the so called virus. That so many people immediately would get in line and bow their head was simply worse than any other scenario I could think of. Suddenly the public trusted the main stream media, the politicians and big pharma who they just weeks before, and for years, had questioned and dismissed as truth bearers!

However, it prompted me to, yet again, go look elsewhere for information and lo and behold, it didn’t take long before people like David Icke,  Andrew Kaufman, Judy Mikovits, Rashid Buttar, Del Bigtree, Dolores Cahill, Zach Bush and many others published a completely different story. I was not prepared for the can of worms of information exposed by each one of them, who could be? But still I wasn’t that perplexed or shocked by it.

But after seeing and sharing as much of this alternative information I still don’t see, here in Sweden, much change in the narrative. People are still shaming others for not sitting at home, with a mask on, washing their hands perpetually, people are still sharing misinformation and the media and/or authorities will simply dismiss any sharing of information that goes against the main stream narrative.

It’s as frustrating as watching a stable on fire and trying to stop the horses from running back in.

The human resistance to changing their perceptions, to questioning their fears, to even consider that they might have been duped seems limitless. Or as Einstein so eloquently put it:

“There are two things that are infinite – the Universe and human stupidity – however I’m not sure about the Universe.”