Ask yourself: What’s the rush with rolling out 5G?

Most people haven’t, though thakfully some have. Why is the roll-out of 5G deemed “essential” in a time of “a world-wide health crisis”? This doesn’t make any sense, of course. Still when the media says: “Look right”! the majority looks right and is oblivious to what’s going on elsewhere.

The so called “smart grid” or “internet of things” includes YOU. You and your kin are meant to be turned into “SuperMarios” – turning this way and that at the command of players who don’t care whether you survive or not.

What does it take to awaken the majority to what is going on? Obviously a scare tactic like the one employed right now with the “virus” isn’t sufficient.

Normally if you do have a completely panicked person in front of you, words are not enough. The proverbial slap in the face, usually do the trick however. But, it seemes that so many are not just “asleep” they are comatose!

The common excuse, which many even pride themselves using, is that it’s all a “conspiracy theory”. Well, the theory is no longer a theory – it’s fact. The information is out there, the documents are out there, the actions that governments all over the planet are taking are out there.

Ask yourself, again and again, if necessary: WHY would the roll-out of 5G be deemed “essential”? What possible health benefits could possibly come from increased radiation? What is a smart grid? Do YOU want to live out the rest of your days reduced to a SuperMario puppet?

The tests, the corona campaign, the isolation recommendations, the social distancing, the misinformation – all of it – is aimed at this. Don’t just take my word for it, do your own research, and for God’s sake choose the red pill! “Blissful ignorance” will not remain “blissful” for very long.


#StayInformed: Tracking, “fact checking”, vaccine, corona, geo-engineering, 5G, mind control & life

Tracking: It is my hope that as many as possible understand that these tracing and tracking efforts that are now all over the planet have nothing to do with any concerns about our health nor to keep us “safe”. It has however everything to do with control. To track every move, every encounter and every transaction is the foundation of a society that controls the population’s every move and a society that at a whim can “withdraw” shopping, travelling, etc “priviliges” as it chooses. Do you want to be dependent on the government for these kind of “permission slips” or would you rather be free to decide for yourself whether you want to take your family on a vacation in the sun, or buy the kind of food you prefer, etc?

Fact checking/censorship: If Facebook, YouTube & co would have wanted any kind of credibility as regards their “fact checking” I’m sure it would have been much more efficient to just leave the posts up and either come up with solid arguments as to the “why” they deem some posts “fake” or at the very least, just add to these posts that Facebook considers this or that to be fake. But NO, they just delete anything that they don’t want the public to know! If that’s not making you scratch your head, then what would?

Vaccine: “A vaccine is the only way to go back to the “new” normal”. A vaccine? Have you any idea how long it takes to do all the research and trials to come up with a safe and reliable vaccine, if at all possible? Are you aware that they are using nano-technology to these vaccines? Do you trust a guy, without any medical training whatsoever, ie Bill Gates, who will amass even more wealth and power should this madness come to fruition?

Corona-covid-19: Could you find one single piece of evidence that this so called virus actually exists? That entails a virus that have been isolated, and in accordance with the Koch postulates and have been tested and trialed to prove that this is causing a disease? Doesn’t it make you at least feel somewhat confused when you read about all the different symtoms, a-symtoms, numbers and decrees to “state covid-19 as cause of death, no matter what”? And you think a vaccine is the answer when the medical community obviously don’t even know what is happening? A vaccine based on what exactly?

Geo-engineering: Our skies are seldom clear blue nowadays, are they? You see airplanes up in the sky, leaving white trails, making the sky look like a grid-pattern, slowly but surely filling the sky with a greyish-white haze. Look it up yourself and see what they are spraying into our skies – and ask yourself why?

5G: We have just learned that 5G is rolled out in Sweden, without any consensus from the population nor scientists or medical professionals. Radiation is, as you must know by now, a problem to our health, EVEN if you cannot see it with your eyes. Why else would hospitals have protective gear for anybody working with X-rays? Do you believe that the effects of Chernobyl are fiction? Several hundreds of medical professionals and scientists from all over the world have urged the EU to place a moratorium on the 5G rollout until “proven safe” (which will never happen), which the bureaucrats have dismissed without a second thought. Radiation injuries may not show up immediately, but have been shown to cause fatal damage to humans, animals and plants.

What they’re not telling you is that 5G is rolled out to implement this population control. A technological way to control your every move and even, control your mind if you are ignorant enough to allow them to vaccinate you with what they will call a “corona vaccine”. This is not a conspiracy theory, this is fact.

Mind control: For many years, the world’s population have been subject to mind control, by hammering in narratives that are simply not true. They use repetition, endless repetition, to wear down your resislience, in nurseries, education, work place, and of course the largest culprit MEDIA, ie news, papers, social media. Brainwashed out of our common sense but not our innate intelligence. They have succeeded with many, but not all. Do you want to live in version of China? Ask yourself what do you REALLY know?

Life: Most of us want to live our lives, as happy, as healthy, as free as possible. We want to love, form relationships, learn and enjoy our lives. Does any of the above sound like increased possibilities to do that?

Take back control of your own mind, your own intelligence, your own power. Stay informed and question everything! It has never been as vitally important as it is right now. 


Would you call IT-support if your friend had a heart attack?

Stupid question, you might think. Still, this is exactly what governments all over the world are doing. In my opinion, Bill Gates and his wife Melinda together with their cronies are obviously allowed to dictate the narrative of what is happening, what needs to happen and who to turn to. Bill Gates? Who is Bill Gates?

But you, yourself, wouldn’t call IT-support to get medical help, now would you? However listening to the main stream news, and the so called “news channels” reporting on main stream TV is equivalent to that. Are you willing to put yours, or your family’s life, health and well-fare in the hands of people who have absolutely zero medical training? You shake your head, but if you are one who;

  • shame those who do not wear a face mask
  • who believe that isolation
  • mandatory vaccination
  • vaccination passports
  • social or rather physical distancing

etc are good measures to stave off a virus that hasn’t even been isolated or tested in accordance with the Koch’s postulates, you are actually listening to Bill Gates & co, not medical science, not experienced and skilled epidemiologists, but Bill, and of course, Melinda Gates.

Take the time to research what they’re doing, who they’re connected to and what their motivation is. It’s all over the internet. Don’t take my word for it, find out for yourself.

This is exactly what we all need to do right now. FIND OUT FOR OURSELVES! 

I know it can be a challenge to  question your beliefs, stray out of your comfort zone, but if you don’t, you will never really know, now will you?

The 5G rollout is way worse than a virus

It is unacceptable that governments all over the world are now allowing the 5G technology to be rolled out without any concern for the public health. In spite of a large number of scientists and doctors who have warned about the impact on our health. See here; 180 scientists and doctors from 35 countries have signed and recommended a moratorium on the 5G rolloutScientists warn of potential serious health effects of 5G.

In view of the past panic about the corona virus, which is now proven beyond doubt to be the misinformation campaign of all times, the same people who subjected us to that now sanction the 5G rollout with the same disregard for public health.

Do you honestly believe that scientist, oncologists and other doctors all over the world warn us about the 5G for monetary gain, or that they are “conspiracy theorists”??!! Or could it be that they are concerned because they actually know what they are talking about?

We all know that personnel in any x-ray unit are to wear protective gear, we know that radiation is harmful and STILL, this radiation – is allowed to be mandatory for all life on the planet?

“The EUROPA EM-EMF Guideline 2016 states that ”there is strong evidence that long-term exposure to certain EMFs is a risk factor for diseases such as certain cancers, Alzheimer’s disease, and male infertility…Common EHS (electromagnetic hypersensitivity) symptoms include headaches, concentration difficulties, sleep problems, depression, lack of energy, fatigue, and flu-like symptoms.”

This is what we expose our children to, from the day they are born and for what? To be able to download a movie faster?!?!

Do you really believe that the doctors who question the corona-narrative are “conspiracy theorists”?

There are so many people who call “conspiracy theorist” not even bothering finding out what the message is. If it goes against their own beliefs, if it goes against the msm narrative, if it challenges their mental concept – it’s a conspiracy! Or they use “tin foil hat” “denier” or something similar to try to dismiss and belittle whoever it might be who has offended their perception of the world.

Doctors from all over the world are now speaking out and challenging the corona-narrative. Do you honestly believe they do this to conspire against you? If so you must believe that the child in the story of The Emperors New Clothes, who called out that the Emperor was naked, was also a conspiracy theorist.

Since when is telling the truth, stating facts, sharing information based on, at times thirty to forty years of research and experience, equal to being a conspiracy theorist? You have to learn how to differentiate between lies and truth. Most of the people who shout “conspiracy” have not even bothered to find out what is being said, or why. Just because you have been lulled into thinking that the main stream, the government or even authorities have been telling you the truth (the whole truth and nothing but the truth) and you find it too scary to even imagine that they haven’t, does not mean that your version, your perception of life is the truth. If all people would be as resistant to new information, to new findings, to new data as that, we’d all be sitting in caves, fearing the shadows on the wall (Plato).

Before you allow your resistance, your own fear, your hostile reaction free reigns, at least require of yourself to listen and inform yourself. I know, it takes courage, it takes taming your ego and questioning your own perception, but that is a good thing. It’s not assinine or stupid, it is what propels us forward, what helps us learn new things. Any honest scientist will tell you that this capacity determines whether any new breakthroughs or discoveries will ever see the light of day.

Who to trust, who to trust? Well, yourself. Does this corona-narrative even remotely seem to be about your health?

If you ask yourself what makes you feel good, what makes you feel strong, will the answer be to cower at home, scared out of your wits, fearing your neighbors, wearing a mask, worrying about your finances – or – to be outside, enjoy nature, excercise, nurture yourself with good food, socialize with friends, and be of good cheer?

These doctors advice you to do the latter – the narrative – the former. It’s up to you to choose which one to trust. Me I proudly stand on the side of the “conspiracy theorists” and “tin foil hats” – ie the doctors who question the corona-narrative.


The “cause of death” concept no longer explains, well, cause of death

It boggles my mind that the majority does not sense the “off-factor” of the new cause of death concept that is being practised all over the world. This concept that now has little or nothing to do with the actual cause/causes of death, but everything to do with whether a corona virus is present in a body or even suspected to be present in a body!!! Neither do I find it coherent with sanity or just plain reason, that the new concept, which does not actually point to the CAUSE of death, is used to draw conclusions and base nation wide life altering decisions on. As a matter of fact, it seems unlikely that even the medical profession representatives actually agree on, or know for certain what this disease is and is not.

For the first time in history, tests are being made, very specific tests, that are said to determine whether there is a corona-virus or covid-19 PRESENT in our bodies. This test that may turn out “positive” does not in any way shape or form determine the health of the individual. Some “positives” have no symtoms, some have mild flu-like symtoms, some severe flu-like symtoms and some have died, even if they were only tested as positive AFTER death. Never before have all dead people been subject to this kind of testing and presumptions and never before have “cause of death” in reality become a meaningless piece of information.

There is a difference between dying from something, or death caused by something and a dead body containing some virus, bacteria or other. We all know that a dead body decomposes, it will rot, be contaminated with all sort of creepy crawlies that actually come from within the body itself.

This strikes me as very random. A common denominator in dead bodies – ok. But to use this corona virus to completely overrun everything as if the presence of an extremely common virus suddenly explains all deaths all by itself does not sit well with me. The conclusions that are drawn by the majority are to put it mildly – simplistic.

Do we know how many of the dead bodies contained corona last year? Do we know every virus and bacteria they contained? Or any year? So, how can we suddenly say that corona is the cause of almost all deaths this year? Previous years, the explanation that many of the elderly or infirm for whatever reason, died because their immune systems were compromised by other diseases and the flu pushed their systems over the brink to death. But not this year.

To me, this does not makes sense. It doesn’t seem factual. It reeks of quesswork and uncertainty. The numbers we are looking at – what are they actually telling us? Well, they are not telling us anything about cause of death since this concept now has lost all meaning.


An asymptomatic person is a HEALTHY person!

An asymptomatic person is a HEALTHY person. This is however NOT how the main stream media is portraying it. Instead they arae trying their damnedest to actually scare you into thinking that if you’re not experiencing any symtoms of disease or discomfort you are in fact SICK anyway.

How many articles have you seen or actually read that warns you to never relax and believe yourself to be healthy? There have been a huge number of those articles and “news reports” which obviously contradicts any form of common sense.  “Hidden symtoms” articles are popping up like weeds in an unkept garden.

So what are they trying to tell you? That no matter how good or even great you feel, you “might” still be very sick? If you don’t think that this is a blatant attempt at increasing your fear, I don’t know what is.

What they are not telling you however, is how fear actually limits and damages your immune system, severely. This has been known, and scientifically proven again and again.

You are the one in power now. Either you allow yourself to be scared by blatant and obvious misinformation, or you begin to question this narrative. Nothing good comes out of fear, not for you individually, not for your society. To stoop to policing your neighbours, to shaming people who are not obeying the scientifically non-substantiated orders of social distancing (physical distancing) and face masks only goes to prove that you do not question anything that main stream tells you which makes you a part of the problem instead of the solution.


Fear is so much faster than facts!

Fear, that instant knot in your stomach, pulse increase and short breaths happens in an instant. It is a part of our survival instinct that is meant to help us escape from immediate danger. However, when the first reaction simmers down it makes room for your common sense and innate wisdom to catch up.

Facts on the other hand, take their time to sink in. You have to reflect, you may have to bounce new facts on your old beliefs and make a deliberate choice to actually question and also replace old, outdated beliefs with new ones. It’s a much slower process.

Facts, especially new facts, that go against your belief system, may make you feel angry, want to resist and completely reject these facts. Sort of like so many did when told the Earth was not indeed flat, or that man would one day fly, or that computers would one day be smaller than a dollar bill, or……

This is why – for the media –  news that would include facts that would require you to actually think for a while, to take your time to understand them – will never hit the “newsflash” criteria. The media needs to catch your attention in less than a second or two, and nothing will achieve that as efficiently as FEAR.

They are not worried about credibility, about fact checking, about information. In fact there are very few, if any, real journalists working in the main stream media. Fear will sell their paper -that’s their objective.

The majority seem also to trust their fear, more than anything else. But fear is not the same as facts. It becomes very clear if you for example ask yourself if you would prefer a frightened surgeon to perform your operation or if you would rather have someone who is calm and balanced. Then you would most likely NOT trust the fear.

Fear may feel as certain as facts, but it’s important to be able to discern which is what. You can only do this, ie access your intelligence, when you calm down. Stress researchers will confirm that your thinking does not function properly when in fear. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying: “Scared out of your wits”.

Just keep this in mind when you find yourself in fear, when you are convinced that your fear-induced reaction represents the “reality”. Knowledge, understanding and wisdom does not come from fear. Fear is not equal to facts.

If you have ever been startled by a sudden sound just to see that it was only your dog, grandmother, kid or someone/something else coming into the room, dropping a pot or sneaking up on you,  you do understand the speed of fear and how vitally important it is to breathe, take a pause and not let that fear confuse your mind to a point where you can no longer see the reality.



The theory of separation will never explain life – or health

For a very long time science have tried to explain life, and health using the idea that if we split everything up into the smallest parts we will finally understand the mysteries of life and health. Obviously this has not worked.

Yes we have learned some things, and I’m not saying it has been in vain. But to focus on the separation at the cost of the overall coherence between the parts leaves us with, at best a half truth, or half fact. We also have to consider that even if we do understand the context, or the interaction between the parts as well, there might be something more to the equation.

The terrain of the body is where it happens, and the terrain is an eco-system that will react to everything that happens within that terrain, whether this is food, polluted air, water or thoughts and feelings. If you put ink into a bucket of water, all water will be tainted, same goes for our bodies, or rather beings. Nobody is identical, even though we have multitude of similarities. But as with the water, you need to ask; was it taken from a spring in the forrest? was it tap water? where on the planet is it from? was it sewage water? Because the outcome, the degree of discoloration, the combined result will (of course) change accordingly.

This explains to some degree why medications will cause severe adverse effects in some people and in others none. This also explains the placebo-effect. The unknown factor, which may be the beliefs the person entertains (including subconscious beliefs), their awareness, their fears, their stress levels (psychological) and even the unique consciousness within the individual will affect the result. Or as is currently the topic of the day – why some people are not affected by this pandemic and some even die.

We, as a people, are connected, whether we want to accept that or not and any virus, bacteria or pathogene does not “care” whether we are male, female, black, white, hindu or christian – it simply is what it is.

We are also intimately connected to nature, to the plants, insects, oceans, trees, animals and even the minerals, we are part of a greater whole, an integral part and everything we do and are, does affect everything else. What we do to nature, we do to ourselves and our children.You could google “the butterfly effect” if this intrigues you.

Separation as an explanation to life is therefore flawed and incomplete. We cannot separate ourselves from the whole of life and nature as human beings. What we can do however, using the metaphor of the bucket of water again, is to make sure that what we pour into this “bucket of life” will not be sewage, toxins, emotional junk, detrimental and poisonous thoughts etc, whether this is into your own personal bucket (your individual life) or the entirety does not really matter.

This is why the old saying: “What you do to others you do to yourself” – is not a “nice thought” but an actual literal fact.



The ongoing censorship on FB etc is beyond ridiculous

I got messages from FB that some of my posts “contained false information” signed by Facebook’s “Science Feedback”, which I presume made sure that those posts were deleted. That would have been fine IF I at any time had claimed to be an expert of some kind, if I had posted on some state owned authority’s page for public service information….but this is Facebook!!!

As if Facebook is a guarantee that everything posted there are qualified facts?!

In what world would you give any credibility to a “Science Feedback” owned by Facebook? Their stern notices rather make me believe the exact opposite.

This Science Feedback, made by “independent fact screeners” according to FB, will let you write just about anything without any reaction. Please, since when was FB the world’s source for facts?? Nowadays most people are well aware that you can find just about anything and everything on FB, on YouTube on the internet as a whole and for FB to suddenly aim to pose as the “FACT & TRUTH platform” is just too ridiculous for words.

This is of course the case with all sources on the internet and in the main stream news today which is why it is time we all started to nudge that critical thinking skill of ours or you could call it – to activate our BS-radar. The media, the internet and governments all over the world have now accomplished something that I’m sure was not really their aim – they have, like the boy in the story – cried wolf too many times. If you prefer to just follow orders, no matter what, that’s your right. If you don’t, that’s your right too.

I sense that a lot of people fear being duped, fear being made to look like a fool but instead of actually checking facts, they follow along with the herd, this way and that, without even stopping to ponder if what they’re following is in their best interest and thereby end up living their worst nightmare – looking like fools.

I’ve quoted it before, and I’ll most likely do it again:

The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so sure of themselves and wiser people so full of doubts.

 – Bertrand Russell

“True wisdom is knowing what you don’t know”

― Confucius, Sayings of Confucius