Looking to authority for truth or using truth as authority?

This question in the headline will determine how you live and how well you do during this time. If you look to authority to find the truth they will send you running in a perpetual labyrinth that you’ll never come out of, which is what has now happened to the majority of the world’s population.

It baffles me somewhat to see how many, especially those that before the CV were very skeptical to the main stream media, to the government and authority, are now suddenly repeating the mandates as well as whatever horrific advice or predictions come out of their channels. Or if they are bent on buying into this epic fear propaganda are advocating even harsher measures to “keep this virus (and or people) in check”!

Life is completely different when you decide to make truth your authority instead. Not only does it make you immune to lies, to half-lies and fear-mongering, it gives you ample opportunity to actually enjoy your life. Granted, it forces you to experience some deep and devastating disappointment and shock but this kind of disappointment and shock work as purifiers, like extracting a large splinter that’s started to infect you. It’s heart-breaking to realize that humans you previously had at least some kind of respect towards are following along in this blatant attempt to control humanity, or even worse are those instigating it.

I have always “known” that something sinister and nefarious has been playing a part in our societies, but I didn’t think it ran this deep. It was not until I had encountered enough teachers, “leaders”, “experts”, politicians, authorities, main stream media narratives and “the common man” claiming and implementing absolutely nonsensical and moronic rules, regulations and ideas that I stopped being infuriated and shocked by the pandemic stupidity. I realized that though some people were absolutely too stupid to understand – there were also those that did understand and implemented it anyway. The realization that people in power were cowards, and even evil had finally won over my innate, and very stubborn hope that “we’re all good people  if you just look hard enough”.

The relief of using truth as authority, among it’s many advantages, is that you no longer try so hard to wake people up – you still do, don’t get me wrong – but you don’t take it personally anymore. The truth is what the truth is – and it does set you free.

The truth may be a hard red pill to swallow sometimes, depending on how much of your trust capital you’ve placed in authority instead of truth. At times it barely causes a shiver in your world view – at others you see a whole house of cards come tumbling down. But however numerous, intricate and entangled the lies we’ve been told to believe, the truth provides  clear vision.

These “wizards of Oz” who have used humanity like pawns in their insane game for hundreds of years are now, slowly but surely being exposed for what they are; puny beings that have not even deserved the right to be called human. Yes, it’s disappointing and even painful to see and may even make you want to turn the other way. If you have the courage to face it, you will inspire others to do the same and the sooner you find that courage, the sooner we can make sure that this world will be the place of co-operation, community, compassion, healthy, pristine and absolutely exhilirating place it was meant to be.






Hur högt värderar du sanningen?

Hur många av er frågar er själva varje gång ni hör något nytt; Är det här sant? Inte särskilt många skulle jag tro. De allra flesta är så övertygade om att de “vet” det mesta som behöver vetas att de bortser från i princip allting som inte stämmer överens med det. Det okända, det oväntade, information som strider mot den etablerade världsbilden förkastas innan den ens undersöks. Det innebär inte att den måste vara sann, men det innebär inte motsatsen heller.

Vi har till och med blivit övertygade om att sanningen är subjektiv – i princip bara en åsikt. Men riktigt så är det ju inte. Det finns fakta, det finns saker vi kan säga oss “veta”. Som att vi andas, att vi behöver dricka och äta för att överleva, att vi faller till marken om vi ramlar från hög höjd,, att det växer saker i naturen, att solen värmer oss, bara för att nämna några få. Vi behöver inte egentligen veta varför dessa saker är sanna, vi erfar dem hela tiden, men de nyfikna frågar varför?

Frågan varför svarar inte alltid med sanningen, oftast svarar den med teorier om vad som “skulle kunna vara sant” och på så vis går vetenskapen framåt tills den når fakta. Men väldigt ofta avstannar forskningen när en teori etableras och vi accepterar den som sanningen – fast det fortfarande bara är en teori.

Sanningen är inte ett underlag för diskussion – den är vad den är. Om du gillar den eller inte beror helt på vad du “tror” på. De flesta av oss skulle tycka att det var idiotiskt att debattera eller vara “emot” det faktum, att du absolut faller mot marken om du hoppar från ett tak. Varför det är så kan diskuteras, men inte sanningen, du faller mot marken.

I en värld av teorier är sanningen ovanlig för att inte säga nästan obefintlig. Men sanningen är vad som ger oss vetskap, trygghet och enhet. Vi är alla överens om att vi behöver andas – där finns inga möjligheter till söndra och härska. Insikten om att vi faktiskt inte vet utan baserar våra liv på tro och teorier gör att vi tvingas se på och välja, kanske till och med omvärdera och förkasta en del uppfattningar.

Vi gillar tanken på att göra en vårstädning i våra hem – ni vet sortera och sålla bort sånt som vi inte längre använder eller ens vill ha längre. Det är en övning som behövs för våra åsikter med. Åtminstone en gång per år, men företrädesvis – dagligen. Sanningen har ett beständigt värde, allting annat är tillfälligt.




It’s too obvious to not see now

After all these months, I find that the whole lie of this planned chaos is now so obvious you have to be blind, deaf and dumb to not see thru it.

Never before has a “common cold” purposefully been mistreated and used to ensure panic and chaos to the point of insanity all over the world.

  • The entire world has been blatantly misled and misinformed by corrupt politicians, main stream media and big pharma, not forgetting WHO, CDC and a number of other shady organisations who have been given way too much credibility among the world’s physicians.
  • A non-qualified guy – Bill Gates (Mengele) – has been given the power and mandate to advise the world population on health issues and given a carte blanche to inject whatever he chooses into our children.
  • The same guy – who wants to introduce/most likely already has, introduced nano-technology (not mentioning all the poisons) into these vaccines which can alter our dna, trigger disease and enable a whole new level of control of the population, including sterilizing women, has been allowed to without restrictions carry out his crazy plan to be true to his father’s lecacy to depopulate the planet.
  • The social media giants chose to censor videos and articles left and right, without any legitimate reason, amongst others which made headlines in some media, a video of doctors who wanted to inform the public of their experiences and findings.
  • Social media during this whole situation has censored truth, science, doctors and anyone else who publish anything that questions the fake narrative using “fact checkers” who wouldn’t recognize a fact if it hit them in the face.
  • Dr Fauci came out with a call for “wearing goggles” and the only thing left for him is to ask us to wear is a red plastic nose to finish off the look.
  • Boris Johnson is acting like a complete bafoon, desperately trying to enforce a vaccine  that cannot possibly be either safe nor efficient, especially if you take into account that the “virus” has yet to be isolated and tested according to the Koch’s postulates.
  • The media trying to actually make us believe that the “virus” is intelligent enough to stay away from demonstrations, especially violent ones, but will pounce if you are alone in your car without a face mask. People, please!
  • The so called “reporting” on “cases” and deaths have been all over the place, with retractions after public exposure of exaggerations and obvious misrepresentations.
  • Medical, formerly trusted institutions like the Lancet, had to retract fake report on hydroxicloroquie since the “experiment” revealed having used lethal doses of the drug. Just for your info: Any drug that you overdose with more than ten times the recommended dosage will prove to be, if not lethal, very dangerous. 

And this is only a fraction of what’s been going on.

I find it incomprehensible that the world leaders and larger portions of the population are not seeing thru little Bill Gates’s fervent wish to make his father proud, nor the fake science that many now have exposed, nor the pathetic attempts to control the population and turn us all into semi-humans using all kinds of nonsense mandates like masks, goggles, social and, more to the point, physical isolation – science be damned!

In the hearing held with the heads of Facebook, Google, Youtube and Amazon in the US, it became painfully clear that these guys are spineless and slippery puppets who squirmed like maggots on a hook when asked for a simple yes or no answer, and should be held accountable for their actions.

If you still aren’t awake I can only assume you’re in a coma.



When the present is scary – we live in the future

This year, the present has been scary. Our thoughts go to “what if’s” constantly, desperately trying to find ways to make the future look better. We find the present to be intolerable and too frightening to be in due to the pummeling of catastrophic “news” thrown at us like never ending halestorms..

We grasp at the “remedies” the media presents such as face masks, social/physical distancing, isolation, stay at home and even glasses to curb this fear hoping to look forward to, at the very least, a somewhat better future. Or we allow our fear to run wild in fantasies and horrific images of a future that is ten times worse than an apocalypse.

What we don’t seem to do is stay in the present as it seems too uncomfortable to bear. But, that’s where we’ll find our peace and clarity, not in the yesterdays nor in the future, which we all know is just a projection – a (fleeting) thought – and thoughts can and do change..

When we stay in the moment, when we become awake enough, to focus all of our attention to the very moment we find ourselves in, for a few minutes not allowing any distractions to enter our mind, we start breathing normally again, our hearts calm down, the tension in our guts, neck, and back release. This state is completely different than what happens when we project our minds to the looming future. Just notice how your body softens and becomes calm(er) when you take a pause. All that tension reduces your energy levels and functions like static to your mind – stopping both your body and mind from functioning at an optimal level.

It’s like sitting in the safety of your home, watching a tornado on TV but acting as if you are in that storm, frantically looking for shelter and safety.

Many years ago I read The Peaceful Warrior, by Dan Millman, and what stuck with me was the words: “I AM HERE NOW”, which is quite efficient in reminding you of what is absolutely true in each moment. Take a few breaths and repeat that sentence slowly while allowing all the “but I must…, I can’t….,what if’s” to just fade for a little while.

This simple act alone will help you connect to your reality again and further more connect to your full capacity of thinking and acting. The added bonus of implementing this to the point where it becomes your habitual response to all painful agitation, ie stress, is your health will improve, your energy levels and your understanding will expand daily. It has no downsides and it is absolutely free of charge.

“Just a human” – or magnificently humane?

It’s so easy to get into the “I’m just a human” kind of thinking. Not only because it frees you from responsibility it also keeps you in the victim mentality. “I’m just a human” thoughts and expressions aim to keep you small, focusing on limitations and to blur your vision of what’s possible.

We are told that we have no power, really, we are told to “listen to our elders, teachers, media, governments” who all have a vested interest in keeping all of us docile and acquiescent, because it’s easier to control us when we are. As if a free human being, the spirit of the humane, would run amok, kill and maim, damage and act cruelly and in general act like a lunatic if kept free.

The opposite is true, as we see all around us, daily. Control and fear do not provide a fertile ground for creativity, compassion and generosity. Which are all traits of the humane spirit. A new-born baby is not vicious, this is something our societies teach us to be, “in order to get ahead” – ahead of what you may wonder?

Ahead of all the other humans and life on this planet – based on the misconception of the “survival of the fittest”. If you look closer however, this is not how life on this planet – in a natural state – actually works. Co-operation, co-existense and generosity are the governing factors. Have you ever seen jungle animals gather at a watering hole and fighting viciously to keep all the water for themselves?

Our lives are not about “getting ahead” – that’s not even on the list.

To be humane is to love, to share, to be kind, to play, to support and to grow in these areas. To be humane is to rise above life’s hurdles and disappointment, to stay connected and open, to allow the adventurous human spirit to explore and learn, understand and acquire wisdom that can later be shared, for the good of all.

Ask yourself when you feel at your best? Is it when you have “gotten ahead” of someone else who then “lost”, when you have made more money than your neighbor, when you get more likes on social media than your best friend?

Or is it when you come up with just the right word to lift someone’s spririts, when you show someone you care by just being there with them in their sadness or frustration, or when you surprise your child with a birthday-cake even it’s no-one’s birthday,, or when you help a stranger,  when in short, you allow and trust your heart to guide you?

“I’m just a human” is robbing you of all the small and large wonders here for you, this instant. Being humane provides you with an infinite number of ways to deepen your understanding of life and enjoy it to the fullest. “I’m just a human” is just a belief in your mind – being humane is who you truly are. Decide whether you are going to live your life run by a notion that you are small and powerless or that you are expansive and magnificent – it’s just a matter of choice.

Do you believe your fear will keep you safe?

It’s a very common misunderstanding. We are all brought up with this belief, one way or the other. However, if you just take a few moments to think about it – it’s obvious that it will do no such thing.

Being afraid and scared will not keep you safe in any situation, and being constantly scared will actually – well – ensure that you are feeling anything BUT safe most of the time. Common sense right?

Still this is what the media now uses, deliberately and cruelly, to sell their story.

In your mind this misconception has been firmly cemented by you having had a scary experience and not wanting to repeat that. You got scared and somehow the fear got the credit for you getting out or past it. But it wasn’t the fear, the fear was a reaction to whatever happened and now any remote sign of a repetition will make your fear signal danger and you find yourself feeling tense and on guard most of your waking hours. Today this is usually called stress.

It is however very important that you do understand this. Fear or that contraction in your stomach, that tensing of muscles, that shallow breathing or whatever fear causes in your body, is just a signal, a memory or projection of something unpleasant. When you feel it your best bet is to breathe, get out of your mind for a second and evaluate what is actually happening. Are you caught up in a flow of scary images in your head, are you in any real danger? The cure, or remedy for this is AWARENESS. Being aware is very different from being afraid.

When you are aware you are not reactive. You still have the emotions, but you will not allow them to carry you into a frenzy. And that makes all the difference in the world.

You have already experienced this kind of awareness. Let’s say a friend of yours has hidden in a closet and jumps out and shouts BOOO! Your first reaction is fear with all the “condiments” that come with that – increased heartbeat, a swift draw of breath, muscles tensing and maybe even a scream. But seconds later you see it’s just your friend and no danger is present and you laugh about it.

Your mind is like this friend – it has stored away every memory of being scared and it’s up to you to realize that these scary moments are just like that friend jumping out of the closet. Not pleasant maybe, but nothing to be afraid of. A memory is triggered and if we can just breathe through it, stay calm and let it go without paying too much attention to it – it will dissipate and move on.

Looking at the world today it’s as if we have all been subjected to experiences that will result in severe cases of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome) which – if untreated and not understood – can ruin the rest of our lives.

That is also why I, among many, do our best to help shed some light on this situation. Because like seeing people being scared, out of their minds, out of their health – for no reason is unacceptable. Feeling safe cannot be accomplished by increasing your fear, only by increasing your awareness and making sure the information you rely on is not sourced from alarmists, fear mongers and those that will make a financial gain from your fear.

Bottennapp för Björn Olsen – rädsla vs vetenskap

”Nu har vinden vänt och hatkörerna tystnat”
Björn Olsen hävdar triumf i fejden med Folkhälsomyndigheten


Det blir oerhört tydligt att massmedia premierar rädsla före vetenskap när vi idag ser Aftonbladet, Expressen och SVT publicera det här som huvudrubrik. Varför göra en stor grej av en läkare som uppenbarligen vägrar att använda vetenskap som bas för sina uttalanden? Det är som den gamla norgehistorien om räkan som slår sig för bröstet och envisas: Jag är en hummer!

Vad massmedia ännu inte tagit till sig (eller valt att inte rapportera om) är t ex, att de här corona-testerna som används i princip är helt meningslösa, vilket många läkare och forskare, världen över nu fastslagit. Det är som att använda ett test för att se om det finns blod i en människokropp – och skicka ut larmsignaler som varnar befolkningen: Fallen av blod i människokroppen ökar!!! Det är värre än vi trodde och det finns ingen medicin. Men vi arbetar hårt för att ta fram ett vaccin!!  

Massmedia, och inte heller Björn Olsen, har tydligen heller tagit del av alla de vetenskapliga rapporter, och läkaruttalanden som fastslår att det här inte är värre än en vanlig influensa.

Det de ovannämnda inte vill att ni, allmänheten, ska veta är att den strategi som nu används för att skrämma er ytterligare är just att använda  “test-resultaten” och varna för “nya fall” – inte har något med hälsa eller vetenskap att göra. Det de gör är att skrämma er och få er att tro att “positiva test” (se tidigare inlägg om test – eller googla det) innebär att vi är i en “pandemi” utan slut. Ni vet som alla dessa larm om “dolda sjukdomar”  vi sett de senaste åren där rubrikerna varnar oss att vi “kan vara dödssjuka utan att ens veta om det”, med den enda skillnaden att de nu gör det storskaligt. Detta säljer av precis samma anledning – rädsla. Om vi inte ens vet om det – det vill säga är friska – eller “asymtomatiska” – ska vi ÄNDÅ vara rädda!

Om Björn Olsen, eller media, anser att jag nu kan beskrivas som “hatkören” är mig likgiltigt. Jag har ingen respekt för media och inte heller läkare som – hur mycket herr Olsen, inte vill erkänna det – beter sig som alarmister som av prestigeskäl eller annat, likt imbecilla barnungar “triumferande” hävdar att de har “rätt” oavsett vad vetenskapen och verkligheten visar.

Björn Olsen liknar också Folkhälsomyndigheten vid en “sekt” – vilket är komiskt eftersom just sekter, i dagligt tal,  anses skrämma sina medlemmar till lydnad oavsett hur befängda bestämmelserna är. Det är precis motsatt vad Folkhälsomyndigheten har gjort.  Jag vill i det här sammanhanget bara nämna begreppet “projicering”, vilket betyder:

“Projektion, en term som används inom psykologin för att beskriva en försvarsmekanism som en person begagnar sig av då den inte vill eller kan kännas vid sina egna svagheter tillskriver andra personer eller sin omgivning dessa egenskaper för att försvara sin självbild “

I rest my case!




Would you rather be right than wise?

It is with a severe twinge of dismay I see people who are (all for this fear of the “virus”, who is all for physical isolation and separation, who is all for face masks, vaccinations and testing), actually gloating when they can publish a post with a reported “spike” in deaths or cases.

They are the ones who pound their chests trying to convince everybody that “THEY WERE RIGHT”!. They will not touch any science that opposes their fear, they seem to feel a great sense of satisfaction when their fear is fueled or at the very least (it is getting harder and harder) kept burning.

This phenomena which clearly exposes people succumbing to their lowest traits is not only discouraging but also very telling. For them it’s more important to “be right” than to examine even the slightest possibility, in their minds “risk”,  of being in the wrong. How bad will it look if you have been screaming DANGER!!!!!! over and over again, and there really weren’t any danger at all? Your cred would drop like a stone in a pond. And that seems to be a way greater fear than actually dying from a disease. These are the ones who in ancient times formed the mobs and in frenzied voices called for “burning the witch“!

It’s sort of like they, if you woke them up from a terrifying nightmare, would lash out at you for waking them up to the fact that the dream was not real and instead continued to argue about the validity of the nightmare.

Any honest scientist will tell you that without uncertainty there would be no science. Nobody would even bother to investigate theories, new ideas, other venues of thought. Uncertainty is not your fiend, it is what keeps your mind open to possibilities, to new discoveries, to innovation and sometimes even knowledge.

If you, maybe inadvertently, find yourself gloating, or promoting fear, ask yourself what your “win” really is? Isn’t it true that the “win” when you feel fear ALWAYS is one ting and one thing only – to finally be able to breathe and feel safe again?

The ALL CLEAR signal, regarding the “virus” has been there all along

I you haven’t noticed it’s just because you look, or listen, in all the wrong places. This thing we’re going through is not based on health, on a virus or on anything related to social distancing, masks or death tolls. That’s just the cover, the story if you will. It’s an orchestrated attempt at making you believe in a paper tiger. The efforts of smoke and mirrors are not even convincing anymore, and you would know that if you looked for facts rather than fiction.

The ALL CEAR signal that I know quite a few are desperately waiting for is not going to blare through the entire media at one go – that would mean they would have to admit to this scandalous hoax.

While all this is going on, keeping most of you occupied, they are trying to implement something called the ID2020, which is a sinister plan to chip and track each and everyone of us. Don’t believe me? Look it up. MasterCard, Oracle and a number of other corporate giants are doing their utmost to implement a cash free society, with “digital passports” that will grant or forbid you to take a train, a bus, go to a restaurant, etc etc, just like in China. Sounds crazy? It’s because it is, which doesn’t mean it’s not true.

To make it easier on these corporate giants to monitor and implement this, the call for vaccines by Boris the Bafoon and others is overpowering. A vaccine for what? To fight a seasonal flu that’s already died down? The “cases scenario” are just that – a scenario – yet another attempt at coercing you into believing that your life is in danger.

There is a real danger to our lives however and that is those that are working behind the scenes to strip you of your health, your freedom, your independent thinking and sovereignty. They are being exposed, slowly but surely and the larger number of people who understand the real horror of what’s going on, the greater the chances they are stopped in their tracks.

When you manage to see beyond the surface of what’s happening, that’s when you realize how deep and how sinister this whole thing is. This however is the only way to put an end to it. You cannot fight an enemy you don’t know, can’t see and whose strategy you are oblivious of.

But the facts are out even if thos storytellers do their utmost to hide them from you, by censoring, by paid “fact checkers”, by doing their utmost to frighten you severely enough to make sure you won’t even look for them.

It’s up to us now, each and everyone of us, to stay informed, to refuse to abide by this “new normal”, to vehemently refuse to be experimented on with a vaccine that has not gone through ANY safety protocols, to throw away masks and all the other “advice” on how to avoid a virus that has no power.

STOP looking at your neighbor as a heap of bacteria, poison and viruses that threatens your life and snap out of this forced and faked “panic” and realize that we, together, as human beings, using our minds and our cognitive thinking for good, are the ones who together will be able to sound the ALL CLEAR much sooner when we assist each other in exposing these lies instead of buying into them.


The number one clue – why are governments consulting Bill Gates for health?

This is, for me, the one thing that I cannot get my head around. Who in their right mind would contact IT-support for a health query? Still, governments all over the world are actually kow-towing to Bill Gates and his various “foundations”. He has no skills, no merits, no nothing in the health department area.

He in fact has killed and maimed thousands of children by using his experimental vaccines on them! His crimes against humanity, so far goes unpunished, hiding behind the absolute conviction that the vast majority of this world are sure that vaccines work. That the very word “vaccine” is equaled to safety – which couldn’t be further from the truth. But that’s the only explanation I can think of that has allowed this Dr Frankenstein of our time to do his deeds.

If our governments consult and obey a former IT nerd for national, international and global health concerns should we really trust their judgment? Or is this very fact, alone, enough to awaken the suspicion that something is rotten?

Obviously not, and I can’t for the life of me guess what would be enough. While the majority is still out there debating and arguing over the use of face masks (which have been proven time and time again to be useless), or cowering at home because of the avalanche of “positive tests” (tests that are utterly meaningless) that are presented,  this (kill-)Bill and his cronies are planning genocide and worse. So, they got you exactly where they want you.

Busy fuming about non-essentials, actually believing you are on to something of value, while they annihilate freedom and humanity. To be seduced by these evil magicians who distract you from seeing what is actually happening is a very real threat to life on this planet. While you sit there, mesmerized, applauding their so called “efforts” to rescue us all, they are in fact the ones planning our demise.

But if you think it seems rational and in alignment with common sense to consult a guy like Bill Gates for your health concerns, I’m pretty sure you wont mind.