“We can be heroes – if just for one day!”

Most of you have heard the story of Chicken Little who thought that the sky was falling down, who scared others into thinking the same and caused panic, only to end up being eaten by a fox! Hmmm, a hundred year old story (at the very least) who warns us not to believe everything we are told.

For some reason, this story comes to mind whenever I glance at main stream media or social media. Maybe because this unprecedented current fear pandemic is quite similar, only this time Chicken Little is played by a united main stream media and most of the world’s politicians. So, the question remains, will this version of the story result in us all being eaten by the fox? Or will we wake up long enough to question the truth of Chicken Little’s tale?

Urging people to be afraid, to worry, to nourish their worst fears, is never about protection. We can not be scared enough to save us from the perils in life. We cannot either feel scared to the bone now in order to be safe from more fear in the future. It works the other way arond – the more you allow fear and fearful thoughts to rule your day, the more fear you will feel, not less.

So, who’s the fox? Well, if you are familiar with any kind of history book, you know how fear has been used by those in power to control the masses, since the beginning of time. A fearful crowd can be quenched and tempered, BUT, only for a while. There is a breaking point where people will not take it any longer, when they will start questioning, acting out or simply defy those that use this method. No human being can live in terrifying fear for very long. Our bodies and our minds will not respond to the fear after a while, we might become numb at first, and then angry, and after that…..well, then the fox is in trouble.

To keep calm, to refrain from following along with the herd, to think for oneself, to stay reasonable and open to the fact that there might be more to a story, or that the story itself is not entirely accurate is vitally important right now. If you can’t do it for yourself, do it for your children, your loved ones. Be that rock in this shitstorm of humongous proportions. That’s the heroic thing to do now. As my alltime favorite used to sing: “We can be heroes, if just for one day”.