What is different regarding the current situation?

I have an analytical mind, always have, and it is as if questioning is on an automatic pilot. For me personally, this is of course both great and also sometimes inconvenient. But, without the questioning, there is a risk of becoming gullible, accepting anything and everything without reflection. So…..

The difference this year, in flu season, is that suddenly we get reports from all over the world. Now I know, I’m risking being called “a corona-denier”, but hear me out. Never before have we had world wide main stream agreeing to this degree on reporting on number of cases with flu-like symtoms. This fact alone has made the entire globe fearing sneezes, coughs & fever which up until now were never this big of a deal. Our politicians, world wide, have started implementing a variety of restrictions and warnings which furthers this fear of something extremely dangerous and lethal and they obviously aim to convince us to perceive “everyone” as a potential biological risk factor. The fear is blown out of any reasonable proportions due to the co-operation and agreement between governments and main stream media world wide.

At the same time, the main stream is using the “hidden numbers” of cases, as an additional fuel to the fear. If there is a “huge” number of people who have the virus (that by the way is not isolated as a single cause) without any symtoms whatsoever, is that really something to fear? Or is this quite in line with flu, in general. Some people get sick, others are resilient and healthy. Not very different from what happens during flu season on a regular basis.

That the elderly, especially those already weakened by dis-ease, are the ones that need extra care is nothing new either.

This sudden accord amongst our governments and main stream media is what stirs my questioning mind. I find it very “convenient” that this virus was detected during flu season to begin with. I find it very odd, that both Wuhan and the area in Italy which first came on the radar, both rolled out 5G at the same time people’s immune systems faltered, I find it alarming that this kind of scare tactic, fear mongering and in some cases unsubstantiated “news” can cause a major part of the world’s population to obediently allow themselves to be divided and conquered, and adopt the panic mode, without questioning.

The very lack of objective information, at least presented in the main stream news and media, tells me there might be something more, or maybe even completely other, than a “pandemic” in the works here. As an experiment, as to how easily the powers at hand can scare people into panic behavior and self-isolation, which is detrimental to all of us, is of course successful. 

I am NOT saying that all this is a hoax or that we shall disregard all of it, but I AM saying, that we now need to be aware, awake and use our discernment to the best of our abilities. I think most of us are aware that our governments, our media and even some “experts” in today’s world are not to be relied upon as having our, yours and mine, best interest at heart.

I keep urging you to use your common sense, to stay calm and to do your own research. I have repeatedly said that fear not is a wise councellor, and now more than ever, this is important to remember.