2020 – a year of perfect vision

My hope for all this new year is 20/20 vision. Clarity and discerning eyes are needed in order to make this world a better place.

However, the majority is so caught up in the stress and fear of life, that stress which is constantly nurtured by the main stream media, the educational systems and political/financial agendas that mainly crave separation and strife in order to be successful. Clarity and discernment are only possible when we calm down, when we take a time out from the blairing alarms which many times have no substance but are only there to fuel the fear.

The clarity I hope for is that many more will make an effort to actually sit back and have a proper look at the messages we are fed, day in and day out, to question them and with 20/20 vision realize what is behind most of them; “BE SCARED!” or “FEAR THIS!” The reason for this is, as I have mentioned before, to keep us scared, to keep us stressed out of our minds so that we loose our cognitive and discerning faculties and will not see, nor understand, the sinister truth. When the populations are fearful, they are more easily manipulated into behaviors and obedience.

Fear makes us stupid, we stop questioning and chase safety and security without even asking ourselves first if the fear is based on truth. Whenever you feel that twinge of worry, of fear, stop in your tracks and question it. Fear and worry will never lead you to safety, only truth will.

20/20 vision entails a wider view, a deeper view, a clear perspective where the messages that are there to scare you will become bright and sharp, even overwhelmingly many at first, and that’s your cue to question their value. All year, you WILL see 2020 wherever you go, use it to remind yourself that perfect vision comes from calm, not fear.