Are you a “yeah but” person?

We are creative beings, originally. Then that’s washed out of us, or surgically removed really, by our parents, educational system, news, colleagues, partners, friends and society at large. Literally.

As kids we create all the time – a sheet becomes a wigwam, a tree becomes a horse on which we blaze through the forrest and we listen to our creativity and everything is possible. But then this collective wet blanket starts dampening our creative urges and we dismiss our ideas, our intuition in favor or being “sensible” or “mature”.

Your intuition, or your connection to the infinite creative life force that surges through you, through all of us,never gives up though. As grown-ups we still get those ideas, those notions that are fun, different, out of the proverbial box. Sometimes they come as “what if I shook the bus driver’s hand this morning and told him how much I appreciate his work?” or it can be something a bit more challenging, like “what if I started to sing My Way right here at this mindnumbingly boring meeting?, left my job, went to France” or “what if I threw my soda in his face?”. If the ideas contain a certain amount of shocking other people, it’s just your intuition trying to up the volume to make you listen.

But most of the time we don’t. It might come to a point when we actually don’t even register these ideas or whims anymore and life becomes a drudgery, grey, no ups no downs, no nothing. If we still hear them we immediately “yes-but” them. “What if you told your boss you don’t like it when he screams at you?” – yes, but then he’ll for sure not like me and he might even fire me, or “you need to let go of this friend” – yes but she’s fun sometimes and she knows all those other people that I do like…. And so it goes.

Everyday intuition is trying to lead us into something new, something expansive, and we yes-but it. Meanwhile we keep dreaming about that thing we want, that event, that person and don’t even realize that all our yeah-buts, actually have blocked any possibility of them coming true. Yeah but, “I’m too old, too fat, too stupid, too poor, too clumsy, too shy… you fill in the blank.

When you decide to be aware of your fear of change and both listen to and go with your intution anyway, buy that new bright orange shirt, take that dance class, paint that canvas with your left hand instead of the right, or just tell someone no for a change, you infuse your life with, well, life, and there’s no going back.

Life needs constant expansion and change, don’t yeah-but it to death.

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