Hur firar du nationaldagen?

Det är svårt att se någon tydlig linje vad gäller Sveriges vara eller icke vara. I handling från politikernas håll skulle man kunna tro att de faktiskt gör sitt bästa för att avskaffa Sverige. En del “journalister” som Lars Lindberg skriver om nationaldagen i Expressen och menar att vi visst kan fira och hissa flaggan, vara stolta men akta oss för att hata. Alla floskler som kommer därifrån känns som uppmaningar från en vagt begåvad förälder till ett än mer vagt begåvat barn. Fira nationaldagen du, men var lagom stolt, var lagom svensk så att du inte kan tolkas som fientlig – ehhh?

Jag tror inte det är många som firar nationaldagen, alls. Vi har ingen tradition på det och när jag kollar wikipedia ser jag; “Som ett av skälen till att göra nationaldagen till en helgdag har även angivits att många invandrare förvånades över att svenskarna inte firade sin nationaldag”. Fy skäms, så kan vi inte ha det.  Kanske är det så att inte ens den svenska nationaldagen är till för den inhemska befolkningen utan för den nytillkomna.

Förr kallade vi det Svenska Flaggans dag, och alla var typ, jaha – so what? Men det var innan politikerna haft sönder Sverige, det var då vi tog det svenska och Sverige för givet. Nu när de lyckats misstänkliggöra de som älskar sitt land och de Lundellska öppna landskapen, ska vi återigen, enligt Lindberg i alla fall, tillåtas vara lite lagom stolta och nationalistiska. Hur nationalistisk får man vara för att passa in i medias och politikernas bild av en “stolt svensk”? Hur nationalistisk får man vara för att inte kallas rasist eller fob? Ni vet, en sån som när terrorn hotar står upp för kärleken, men inte för mycket så att det sticker någon i ögonen. Det är inte helt enkelt.

Den här hyllningen och implementeringen av “mångkulturen” av “öppna gränser” och “frihet” har gjorts i en anda av naivitet och ignorans som slår alla rekord. Ja, vi vill välkomna andra kulturer och vill kunna röra oss fritt i Europa, men om det är till priset av att riskera vår och våra barns säkerhet, vår egen kultur, vår egen frihet – maybe not so much.

Kanske borde vi införa en slags svensk variant på ramadan fast tvärtom liksom, ett midsommarfirande som börjar vid nationaldagen och inte slutar förrän dagen efter midsommarafton? Det kanske behövs flera dagar i sträck för att verkligen helhjärtat gå in för och reflektera över vad vi värderar och värnar om som svenskt? Skulle det funka för liberalerna? Skulle det funka för media och politiker? Eller skulle det vara en provokation?

Jag tror det är dags att vi börjar ignorera påbuden och fira precis som vi vill utan en tanke på att ursäkta eller förklara vår eventuella kärlek till svenska traditioner och kultur.

Hur firar du?


Apalling debate!

You would think that a moderator in a debate as important as this one, would be chosen who at least knew the meaning of the word Yes, I understand it is not an easy task, but this was just a public presentation of complete and utter disgrace. Neither candidate came off in a good light, which is not unexpected But to have a moderator that constantly shushes one candidate (Trump) and gives the floor to the other (Biden) makes it even worse

From my perspective, Chris Wallace  took it upon himself to favor Biden, not only in the way he consistently gave him more time to speak uninterrupted, and more or less – in the so called “open debate section” – where he cut Trump short not even allowing him time to answer questions. This was not a moderated debate where two opponents were given equal chance to state their case. This was a blatant attempt at favoring Biden. Any moderator performing as poorly as this should look for a new job

Maybe it would have been better to keep these two candidates in different rooms, each with a screen, each having a set time to state their answers by the turn of a switch, and when opening both for the “open” part, either still keep time limits and separation to ensure that each candidate’s answer was at least heard, or alternatively just opening the channel and let them scream at each other which ensures that nobody hear anything of value and resulting in both of them loosing points. And yes, in a way to cancel the format of debate until the so called “rules” are actually implemented.

This was embarrassing, as unfortunately most of these so called debates are. The contestants come off as immature six-year-olds blaming each other instead of two grown ups that have something to say. The format does not work if it’s purpose is to inform the voters of the alternatives. It is even more embarrassing when the one person who is supposed to ensure that they get equal time is biased in this way. I am sure Trump has become used to it by now, which is not a feather in the media’s collective hat, but at this occasion it would have behooved those in charge to at the very least keep their moderator neutral. I am not sure anyone, in these circumstances could come off as anything but a petulant child. Just for the record I can’t say that I was impressed with either one of them, which actually says something, since Biden was the moderator’s obvious favorite.

If this is the standard leaders of a huge country like the US hold themselves to, god save us all.




We are smarter than THIS – surely!

I am certain that all of us with a healthy heart(love-wise) and with at least a few of our braincells on active duty, know better than what we allow to play out. Since the beginning of this year it is painfully obvious that we are dealing with a scenario that has nothing to do with our health and everything to do with control and manipulation. I am sure that most of you, if you take a minute, see this. You might not know what to do, you might feel confused, scared and therefore stubbornly wait, for what I am not sure.

When they tell us that this is about our health while at the same time going against science and thousands of doctors that now have united (which is unique and has not happened this way before) to tell us the truth about the mandates that have been published, you know that something is not right. When they ask us to keep a distance from each other, that we should wear face masks, that we should stay in our homes and not socialize – surely you feel that this has nothing to do with sound health advice? Some part of you I’m sure questions why? Why do “they” want us to isolate, to not talk amongst ourselves, not visit our old relatives in care homes, force our children to not play with each other? In what reality could that be benevolent, when we know, for a fact, that children need to be cuddled, play freely, be outside, kiss and hug each other, hold hands and see their own, their parent’s and other’s facial expressions to make life understandable? Just as all of us do actually.

When they talk about a “second wave” which is solely based on tests that have a hundred percent inaccuracy, yes you read that right. When time and again they present figures that are blown out of proportion – being retracted – just to be presented again using some other formula or made up cause. When they tell you that everything is a symtom, whether it’s a sneeze to a broken finger nail – I am sure that some part of you senses the discord of it all. How can you not see that these fear mongering powers are trying to give mouth-to-mouth to what is in reality a corpse? The pandemic is over, it really never was a reality at all, and what is happening now is just abuse, manipulation and intimidation.

We are smarter than to let this go on. We need to be smarter. Because if we continue to listen to those that do not have our best at heart, the pain of this year will seem like a gentle pat on the back.

Some need the “activist” way of doing things – gathering in large groups to feel safe. But just to calmly say NO! or ENOUGH!, and live by it, suffices. Use your common sense, stand up for what’s right, take off your mask (it only harms you and signals that you’re obeying the dark forces), hug your family and friends, go to a restaurant, say NO to any kind of injection or a vaccine that has not been tested properly and may (most assuredly) make you sick.

This is the time. The time that you choose who you are and what our world is to be. ONLY do what you know is right. ONLY do what you know is good.  When in doubt do nothing until you know. Listen to your heart. Check in with your gut (soul) before you make decisions. Turn OFF the main stream news and find information you can rely on. Ask yourself “is this true?” all the time.

Choose wisely!


Are you ready for the truth?

Even though the truth, or rather the complexity of the deceit, is in plain view, I wonder if you are ready to be informed. No matter what stupidity the governments and media hit you with you seem to prefer to keep your blindfold.

This is not only about the pandemicdrama, it’s so much more. What this most recent attempt at manipulating us into dronehood has done backfired, big time! A lot of human beings feel the discord of all the crap those in power positions keep raining down on us. They sense that something is up, something is not right, but still choose to look the other way.

Before long that will not be possible anymore. With all that is happening, I find it hard to believe that anyone is left on this planet who cannot see Yes the light of the truth can be blinding, as if you are coming out from a dark cave, that you were trapped in,  and the bright sunlight hits and somewhat hurts your eyes. But in second, minutes at the most, you realize that the life you chose, in the frightening dark with shadows climing the walls, sounds you couldn’t identify and fear your constant companion, is not the real deal. The sunlight reveals meadows, butterflies, birds, a blue sky, fresh air, clear water and more beauty than you could have ever imagined.

I can see how so many will be shaken out of their stupor, be in shock, incredulous to all that has been part of our “normal”. The pure evil and intricacy of the plan to take us all hostage, limiting our lives, scaring us into mere shadows of what we truly are and draining us to the point where we find it difficult to laugh and enjoy ourselves at all.

The horror that is revealed may push people over the edge, not being able to handle it. But as with any storm, you hang on for dear life during it’s crescendo and know in your heart that this too will pass. And when it does, we all will stumble around, brush ourselves off and happily see that life, love and compassion have all survived. Arm yourself with calm, with resilience, with love, with that life-force inside that you can rely on to keep you safe.

Breathe deeply and just observe the devastation, the ruins of your own beliefs and of everything you thought you knew Watch them crumble in the assurance that beyond it is something far greater. They are only beliefs, beliefs formed in fear and they need to go.

This is the time when you are called to stand steady, when you are called to calm, peace and power (your own). Even though you might still feel scared, upset almost wanting to run and keep running, just observe and breathe some more. Stand tall. Panic and aggression will not benefit us, only calm and kindness will.

This is not about religion, politics or any other mutated phenomenons, it’s about good and evil, truth and lies, and the war on our consciousness that has been going on for too long. It’s not about a “savior” coming, it is about you, you being the honest, loving, powerful being that you are. We are the ones we have been waiting for.


“Royalty” is way past it’s expiration date

It’s about time that royalty becomes a thing of the past. The very idea that some people, because of who their parents “breeded” with or married, are somehow entitled or above everybody else feels very outdated. I think it’s way overdue to just remove these titles and let those people be “de-throwned”. Not in any aggressive or violent way, just to upgrade all human beings and leave this nonsense of kings and queens, not to mention dukes, duchesses, counts, barons and what have you, behind.

The upkeep and expenses to have a “royal family” can never be justified, nor can the perpetuation of the idea of royalty have any current valid basis.

I have never bought into the idea that someone is “royal” as in any way elevated in society due to their “pedigree”, nor will I ever. I remember the first time I watched a painful news report where a journalist, bent over backwards trying to interview Silvia, calling her “your majesty” or the equivalent of “your royal highness” instead of just using the word “you” when asking questions, and it made me squirm. I felt sorry for them both, uncomfortable as it was, and so completely ludicrous.

Rituals and “pomp & circumstance” we could possibly keep for real things, like for peope who do great things for humanity, for wise, compassionate acts of kindness, for honoring people who actually has given us a reason to. But for someone who’s just born with a name or ancestry, no thanks.

This is not to advocate for tearing down castles, throwing out art and treasures and turning the Swedish Royal Castle into a bed & breakfast, just to rid ourselves of the idea that those people in any way shape or form are to be treated or given priviliges outside the common laws. This is neither an attempt at socialism or an expression of envy – I don’t think they always like the attention and all the rules they have to live by – just a mention of an idea that has long ago lived out it’s purpose.

As long as we subcribe to the idea that some people are more vaulable than others, that some people do not have to abide by common or natural laws, that some people are different by “birth-right”, that is how long we will subscribe to racism and all the rest of the isms that have been invented to separate us from each other, since the idea that only some new-borns are valuable includes the idea that some are not.

Every baby born is special or royal if you will, every child is precious and should be treated as such. The time has come to let go of all ideas, concepts, traditions or habits that opposes this fact, and this surely includes the idea of royalty.


All the good things that have come out of covid

As you well know, there’s two sides to a pancake, and so it is for this covid panic as well. A lot of things have become exposed, and our understanding of the world we have – up til now – lived in, has grown like never before.

It has become blatantly clear that what was known as the main stream media, news programs etc, never intended for us to know the truth about anything. That they are in fact only disguising and twisting our reality out of shape. They are paid to do this and either most of them do not know it – or – they know and do it anyway. Either way the media has proven beyond any doubt that they cannot be trusted. When you know who-s lying it’s of course a good thing because you will not be that easily duped again.

All the talk about a covid-vaccine has actually brought on a discussion and debate about  vaccine safety – in general. Suddenly, after years and years of poisoning our children and ourselves, the covid-vaccine trials have shone a bright light on the hazards and more people than ever before have become aware that Big Pharma cannot be trusted to have our health or best interests at heart. As a matter of fact, it is now painfully clear that the pharma industry has been playing a huge part in increasing disease, early death and general ill health. All in the name of money – if they can make a buck – they do not care whether any drug or vaccine is safe or even beneficial. Painful as it is – it is still a good thing that a larger part of the population now choose to make informed choices on their health.

All over the world the despots, the power hungry bullies in politics have exposed themselves for the tiny, despicable leeches they are. Taking every chance to intimidate and scare their populations into compliance and obedience. These micro-popes that are on a payroll to do exactly that, are now caught with their proverbial hands in the cookie-jar. Understandably, people are infuriated at their obvious disregard for the very mandates these toxic tics  have implemented and they will be taken out – one way or the other. It’s nothing new that politicians talk about solidarity, community and compassion while at the same time, like starved rats, take everything they can lay their hands on and keep it for themselves. A whole pack of people who will never live by what they preach. This reveal was wayyyyy overdue and will help us choose leaders with integrity and honor.

A painful lesson we’ve learned from all this is that the majority of the world’s population have chosen to take leave of their common sense and whatever intelligence they have, in order to be “good obedient soldiers”. Not only obeying without question but actually repeating and policing themselves and others with the nefarious decrees spewed out by their goverments. Or maybe they haven’t even chosen this, they have been so meticulously programmed, manipulated and brainwashed they have stopped functioning as a human being. Either way – sad as it is – many are now shocked into  deprogramming, into  detoxing, sleepily waking up from the haze they have beein living in, very much like the sometimes necessary slap in the face when someone goes into hysterics.

So many other things have come to light, some of which most people aren’t prepared to face yet. They will have to eventually and their lives will never be the same again.

Though this process have been uncomfortable, to say the least, it is a good thing. It is not happening to make us loose all hope in humanity – just the opposite. It shows us that lies, however cleverly implemented will have an expiration date, no matter what, and when it comes, the truth will be there to show us the way. Lies can never last forever – though with some of the lies that have been, and will be reveailed now it has taken a very long time to come to that point – only truth can.

I am pretty sure that 2020 will be a year to remember – as we go through it not with a fond heart – but when we are past it – with gratitude and awe. The list of all the good that’s come out of this is long, way longer than I have listed here and in time most will see it, most will have adapted to it and most will view it as one of those things that we look back on as a fiercly painful experience, but an experience that has changed us forever and for the better.


The truth resistance is mind-boggling!

Two German researchers, Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi MD and Dr. Karina Reiss PhD, have written a book on the covid-corona panic-epidemic; “Corona false alarm?”. These two are experts in the field, who have been aghast at the false information on the issue and the horrific effects on humanity.

I am beginning to wonder whether the truth-resistance of the population is ever going to end? Doctor after doctor, scientist after scientist stand up, despite the threat of loosing their jobs, being shunned by their piers and having their funding cut off to tell us – the public – that we have been manipulated into a fear and panic that has no foundation in reality.

Still, from what I can tell, there are quite a number out there who still freak out and talk about masks, cases and second waves. I have always been aware of how fear can lower our IQ-level and common sense level to the point of complete stupidity but I thought that truth and facts, would have a greater effect. When you wake up a child from a night terror, they calm down and realize that there was no monster, but in this scenario, no matter what proof, no matter how many credentials the truth bearers come with – those affected by this particular night-terror, will NOT wake up. Rather it seems, they keep defending their right to be terrified and act like idiots.

If you are one of those who are tired of being scared, who actually do want to wake up from this you can visit or search Facebook for Del Bigtree, or the ICAN network and listen, learn and let your fears go.

If you insist on being terrorized by the lies, the misinformation and the nonsense, go right ahead, but never never claim that you weren’t informed, that you had “no way of knowing” when you try to justify your mindless actions and accusations.




Can YOU distinguish between Right and Wrong?

What is nowadays referred to as the “law” has been diluted, and corrupted in the last decades to the point where it is now just a collection of gobbledigook. The natural laws have been laced with “add-ons” and deliberately confusing sub-paragraphs which have rendered the “law” so unclear and blurred it can no longer be defined as “law” and the terms “right” and “wrong” are now meaningless, as far as the legal system is concerned.

What’s worse is that the entire judicial system, including most lawyers, solicitors, judges etc – spinelessly have accepted this state of affairs – which in short means that the entire system is corrupt. We all know and are horrified at how hard criminals are let off the hook on a “technicality” which is a way to describe that for example a rapist have not in fact raped anyone, no matter how much proof to the contrary. That’s not a “technicality” it’s a blatant misrepresentation of the law.

The law in it’s purest form can be summarized as “You do not hurt/kill anyone else and nobody is allowed to hurt/kill you – & – you do not steal from anyone else and nobody is allowed to steal from you. Not that complicated eh?

To be able to discern right from wrong is not something you need to go to college for. That is inherent in us all. We know what is right and what is wrong. And we all know that as society goes the “rights” are far fewer and far between than the wrongs.

Right and wrong are not complex issues. Most of our “laws” or “legal recommendations” could be shrunk down to the above, more or less. “Live and let live” (as long as it’s not hurting anyone/nature/life in general). That’s not complex. It’s easy, any child can understand it, and most of the time does as well.

We need to get back to basics, all of us. If, and that is a pretty big if, we can handle that – we would find the need for elaborate u-turns and nine-inch legal paragraphs are obsolete.

Do the right thing, always. It’s not difficult, it’s easy. Just don’t hurt other beings and do not steal from anyone else. And when you see something that is wrong, speak up! If that was the rule of thumb and nothing else, the world would look quite different.

The bad guys are defeated

It’s like watching a vicious but completely defeated hydra writhing in it’s last pointless struggle. The good guys have already won but those left in the enemy camp just refuse to accept it. I feel it’s time for a rerun of the scene in the first Indiana Jones movie where the samurajy-kind-of-black-warrior challenges Dr Jones by waving his swords and huffs and puffs and you can see the weariness in Jones’ eyes and instead of wasting more energy and effort he simply pulls up his gun and shoots the attacker dead. That’s sort of how I believe the good guys must be feeling by now.

The beast, the cabal, the soul-less dark lords must know by now that it’s game over. Yet they have minions – ie the press and some others, who like headless chickens keep trying to push a narrative that’s gone way past it’s expiration date. It’s rotted, decayed and it’s now painfully obvious what’s what.

The masses are left in a wide range of confusion and bewilderment – what just happened? what’s true? what’s not true? So used to having clear orders the lack of which will force them to regain their ability to think for themselves, or perish. Finally!

The good guys who have accomplished the feat, which is nothing but bibilical, have, with their own lives at risk, relentlessly exterminated the bad lot or have at the very least rendered them powerless and locked up.

This third world war that has been waged on us – in plain sight since the beginning of 2020 – and in the shadows since hundreds of years back – is essentially over. A war on our consciousness, a deliberate and nefarious attempt to turn all of humanity into soulless, mindless working bees. A war that unfortunately has been successful to a degree. Those still in denial, still stuck in the outdated and soon to be discarded narrative, loyal to their past masters, will find themselves feeling lost and betrayed.

For all of you who believe the above is some kind of a synopsis for a manuscript or screenplay – start doing your homework now! We are all in this movie, most of us extras, unknowingly admittedly, but still in it. Make sure you pull your head out of the dirt, wash your face and take a good look at the mayhem caused, roll up your sleeves, because now we are all called in to do our part and start helping with the final clean up, ie getting things in order again. Flushing out the residue and remnants of the diseased society and world order and starting afresh.

The best is yet to come!

Lägg ned könsneutrala förskolor NU!

Och för guds skull ta bort icke-ordet “hen” ur svenska språket!

Könsneutrala förskolor är inget annat än sanktionerad barnmisshandel. Hur är det möjligt – idag 2020 – att institutioner som tar hand om barn tillåts fortsätta med detta nonsens? “Men föräldrar måste ju få välja själva om de vill fostra sina barn könsneutralt!” Nej, de måste de inte. Det är olagligt att misshandla barn.

Att indoktrinera eller, på ren svenska, hjärntvätta barn i den här andan som inte har några som helst meriter är som att tvinga barn att tro på en värld som är skapad ur en dåres sjuka fantasi.

Det finns två könsprinciper som gäller för allting vi kallar levande – maskulint och feminint. Det “neutrala” är vad vi definierar som icke levande – en båt, en stol en borrmaskin. De djur i naturen, eller organismer, som är tvåkönade – är tvåkönade, men de är inte heller norm. Majoriteten av djur och växter har tydliga maskulina respektive feminina egenskaper precis som människobarn.  De fall där det är svårt att avgöra kön på grund av missbildningar eller annat är inte norm.. Att kalla någon könsneutral är ungefär som att kalla någon kroppssneutral – har du en kropp eller inte?  Det kan aldrig skapa något annat än en oerhörd otrygghet och förvirring hos ett barn. Det här har ingenting med att acceptera alla människors unika individualitet. Det är att påtvinga barn en självbild som inte har någon förankring i verkligheten.

Den vänsterliberala extremvågen har gått för långt. Den har påverkar rättssystemet, arbetsmarknaden, myndigheter – ja i princip alla företeelser i samhället. Deras propagandamaskin som uppenbarligen lyckats få en stor grupp människor att helt avsäga sig sitt sunda förnuft har inget existensberättigande. Vem, med ens en hjärncell i tjänst kan tro att det skulle främja ett barns utveckling att tvinga dem att leva i en fiktiv, förvirrande verklighet där de inte ens får känna trygghet i sin egen kropp?

En flicka som känner sig mer i harmoni med maskulina egenskaper är inte en pojke precis som en pojke som mer anammat de feminina egenskaperna inte är en flicka. De uttrycker bara sin individuella och mänskliga rättighet att ha karaktärsdrag som stämmer överens med vad de mår bra av. Vi har alla en maskulin och en feminin sida – det är egenskaper, som varierar och där har vi alla en medfödd rättighet att uttrycka precis vilka variationer på temat vi vill – men det förändrar inte våra fysiska kön. Att ta ifrån ett barn sin kropp, sin fysiska verklighet på detta sätt är grymt och oerhört begränsande.

Den här fördummande rörelsen liknar en sekt. I “frihetens” anda angriper de aggressivt alla som inte helt följer deras vansinniga påbud. Det är dags att gemene man slutar låta sig skrämmas och tystas av den här typen av trams.

I den här världen har vi kön – deal with it! 


You say you want the truth, but do you?

Most people, if asked, would say that they want to know the truth, but very few have even taken the time to do any research or take some time to listen to anything but the main stream media. They read headlines, if that, lulling themselves to believe that they are in the know.

I am pretty sure that most people aren’t ready to hear the truth, if they were, this covid nonsense would have stopped in it’s tracks long ago. The truth can be uncomfortable, really uncomfortable – and the truths that are now being revealed are no exception.

Going by the main stream media we should all believe in this virus, we should believe that face masks will protect us from a virus (even if it says on the box they’re delivered in that they don’t!), that we should stand six feet apart (which has no scientific back-up at all), that Donald Trump is a “cheater” and a “danger to the world” (while he in fact has achieved more to rid the world of the evil puppeteers than anyone before him ), that the threat of climate change is valid (while we know that this was yet just another campaign to make rich people richer) not to mention the complete and utter silence the main stream media meets the pedophilia horror with. The list goes on and the depth of deception we have all been subject to is beyond mind blowing.

While the majority of the population are still running around like headless chickens, arguing about masks, religion, political parties and all the other details that are of no consequence, big things are happening under their noses.

The truth is that nothing we thought or believed about our social and political systems around the world are anything but distractions and smoke screens. The evil cabal, the deep state, the one percent or whatever you want to call them, have duped us all, have scared us all into obedience and slavery and now when they are, no thanks to the main stream media, being exposed, the general public STILL refuse to even consider  pulling their heads from their behinds to get a clue!

If you truly want to know the truth, and you think you are ready for it, you will investigate, you will do research, you will listen to just about anything but the main stream media. The truth has a way of always prevailing. To mindlessly repeat the lies from the main stream media will do nothing but prove to the rest of the population that you have lost your ability to think and discern independently and intelligently.

The truth is out there, in plain sight – with the assistance of many valiant digital warriors, truth seekers and good human beings – it’s not even difficult to find.